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Even More Sayings I Want To Be Famous For

Well it has been nearly six years since my original post of sayings I want to be famous for. It has been three since my second post. I am sorry to say, that I am still not famous. How is it possible that those gems have not taken off and become a part of modern lexicon? Certainly an oversight. Still no Pulitzer prize.

As a reminder, to make my list of potential sayings I want to be famous for, a particular phrase has to not exist in the same form, or close to same form, in the first 20 pages of a Google search. Only the highest factual and statistical standards here at CoOP. If it isn’t in the first 20 pages of Google, it doesn’t exist. Proven fact*see note. So without further ado…here are more sayings I want to be famous for.

*Note: No actual facts were proven in writing this post

It’s not draining the swamp if you just replace the water

FIRST THINGS, FIRST! I am not looking to incite a political debate. Please, no politics right now. I spend all day having it shoved in my face online and in the news. I just want to focus on the saying.

The expression “drain the swamp” apparently dates back as early as 1881 ( In modern political speak it appears to be Ronald Reagan who popularized it as a metaphor for the layers of government bureaucracy in Washington. It is a fitting metaphor as it eludes both to the draining of a swamp to reclaim the land and rid it of mosquitoes and the fact that Washington is allegedly built on reclaimed swamp land.

Since the 1980’s it has been a popular expression to describe ridding the US political system of its waste and corruption. However, it has been noted that, while many politicians on both sides of the US political system have campaigned on a platform of promising to “drain the swamp”, there appears to have been little progress made by either political party. The country is still run by special interest groups, the layers of bureaucracy grow thicker and the powerful political lobbies “donate” to pay off the politicians to support the interests of their backers.

“It is not draining the swamp if you just replace the water”, comes from politicians claiming they are making changes but in fact they are just replacing one set of corrupt political interests with a separate, but equally corrupt group. The faces change but everything else remains the same.

Again, I am not speaking of any person or political party specifically, right now, I am just generalizing what has happened over decades. Incidentally, this is a slight variation of my original saying to describe this situation “They didn’t drain the swamp, they just replaced the alligators”. I still like that one.

Illustration titled, “If you want to get rid of mosquitos, drain the swamp that breeds them.” (1909) 


This one is not really a saying. It is just a word that originally came to me as a typo and seemed to fit the context of the situation I was dealing with. Someone nagging but being negative at the same time. Nagativity. Simple yet precise.

Now some people might hit Google to verify this one, so let me explain. You will get several pages of hits on this one. However, further analysis (again with the integrity you expect from CoOP), there is only one that I believe is authentic. There is a shop in the town of Naga, Philippines that is named Nagativity but I do believe that it is used as a catchy name only, not in the context of describing the characteristic I am defining.

Sadly, the several hundred uses of this word you will find online, appear to be typos for people meaning to write “negativity”. Honestly, check it out it is a sad statement on our use of the English language or our education system or maybe our general inability to spell. Seriously people just use a dictionary or a spell checker once in a while. Use the damn spellchecker!!! Or maybe this is just my nagativity coming out.

That is all my friends. If you are interested in checking out my other catchy gems they are linked below. Until next time, COME ON PULITZER!!!!!

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