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About CoOP

About this Blog

The Cult of Opinion is a place I started to allow me to vent about issues and current events and my dream is it will get people talking about issues I think are interesting or important.  I welcome all opinions and am particularly interested in the thoughts of people who have a varying view of the world from my own. I love debate as long as it is civil.  So, please step up and add your two cents.  I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

About Me

I am an early fifties, family man with 3 kids, 3 cats and a dog named Frank.  Proudly Canadian by birth but really consider myself a citizen of the planet earth and think it really doesn’t matter what part of the world anyone is from; we are all living on the same rock spinning around the sun. I work as a consultant for a large privately held company based out of the UK but I spend the majority of my time working from Detroit, MI and Calgary, AB.  My day job requires me to write a lot of reports and honestly I like to write but my work is mostly technical and there is very little creativity involved.  The subject matter tends to be dry and sleepy boring to anyone who isn’t in my line of work.  This site gives me a chance to be a bit more colourful in the topics I comment on and to add a bit more flavour to my writing.

The handle GeekoSuave is obviously a pseudonym, not that it wouldn’t make an awesome name it is just likely I would have been beat up at school if it had been my real one.  The main reason I seek anonymity is due mainly to attempts to keep my work and personal life separate. Since I do expert testimony work and this blog has nothing to do with my line of work, I’m trying keep the info you get from a Google search of my name focused on the side of my life that pays the bills.

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