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On going rant about Tim Hortons – The layoffs begin

We all suspected that the sale of Tim Hortons to Burger King was going to be a bad deal for Canadians. The following link is for a Financial Post article stating that the departments within Tim Hortons corporate offices have been directed to cut their staff by at least half. The former Tims CEO and Sr VP in charge of Tims US operations, both Canadians, have been replaced by Burger King executives that have relocated from the US and Asia to oversee the operations of the company.

The parent company of Burger King is Brazilian based 3G Capital who are notorious for stripping a company’s assets and reducing costs through massive lay offs. Tims is not going to be spared.

This is just a reminder that Tims is not the iconic Canadian brand it once was. It is now Burger King Jr.


The link to the FP article is here –>

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