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Facebook Fridays – That Time I Defended Nickleback Fans

Long stretches of time with no sleep and high alcohol consumption makes a man do things he will certainly regret. Trust me, I am the poster child for midnight Facebook post regret. This WAS NOT the case with this post from November 27, 2011. To be honest I was probably meeting the criteria for sleep and booze intake but I have no regrets and over 3 years later the point is still the same.

There is too much hate and negative energy in the world, especially now. Everybody, we have to let things go and focus on the things that make us happy instead of the things that piss us off. Make love not war.

In this post my point was hating things is a waste of our time and only brings people around us down and if you are the type of person that likes bringing people down there is no place for you in our lives. Lets focus on positive energy and when the things that bring us down come up, let’s let them go.

And if you haven’t checked out the early Nickleback albums, get on it because there are some good songs on them.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 1.41.04 AM

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