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More Sayings I Want to Be Famous For 

It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. I would pretend that it’s a lack of things to rant about but everyone around me knows that’s not the case. I’ve just been busy.

Fame and worldwide accolade continue to evade me despite my utter deep down belief that I deserve it.  My hopes of a Pulitzer prize for my first post of sayings I wanted to be famous for have gone unsatisfied. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can read it here – Sayings I Want to Be Famous For. You can also check with the Pulitzer folks and make sure they have my correct address. I’m sure it’s just been lost in the mail.

Since glory has been elusive, I guess I have to keep trying.  As a reminder to all, my super scientific means of determining if I am indeed the first to publish a saying involves a very intense 3 minute Google search. If you have said something important and a quote of it cannot be found in the first 5 pages of a Google search, you have wasted your breathe because in today’s standards it doesn’t exist and your copyright claims are invalid.

So, alas, I present to you and stake claim upon two new, probably never before published, sayings I want to be famous for.

How long do you have to spend in the dog house before you realize that you’re the dog? – Of course, being “in the dog house” refers to a circumstance where a person has fallen out of favour with someone, most commonly a spouse or significant other. As I write this it seems that dog house residency, rather unfairly, is a uniquely male problem. I’ve  never heard girls talking about being in a canine cohabitation circumstance.

Regardless of gender, being in the dog house usually implies you are in trouble, probably for knowingly doing something wrong that has upset your partner. This applies not just to the traditional spousal relationships but any situation where a person has been punished by marginalization for acts or opinions opposed by someone of authority. Dog house citizenship is often but not exclusively self inflicted, it’s sometimes just a case of not being able to satisfy the other person.

The current offering is “How long do you have to be in the dog house before you realize that you are the dog”.  The point is pretty simple; if you are in situation where you are always wrong then 1) you simply can’t make the other person happy (they are unreasonable), or; 2)  you are just perpetually on the wrong side (in these cases question yourself “are you in an asshole”. It might be a eye opener for you).

Long and short of it is if you are always in the dog house maybe your circumstances are such that you are where you belong or where you are always going to be assigned.   After a while you have to decide whether you are happy being the dog or if you want to move on, but any way you cut it you have to accept yoru dog house presence is probably a long term problem.

If everybody is building fences we will all be trapped. – This one arose in a discussion where a group of people who were supposed to be cooperating resulted in everybody getting defensive and protectionist as opposed to collaborative.  The problem being that if everyone builds barriers around themselves they have not just excluded everyone around them, they have also been excluded themselves. All communication breaks down and resolution of problems or cooperation on issues become impossible

In the current political climate, I believe this one is particularly important. The greatest feat the political machine in Canada and the US has achieved is to divide people into political teams.  They have established a defined belief structure for each party and then engaged the masses in an “us-versus-them” approach that wants you to believe that if people don’t think the way you do, they are wrong.  That system is broken and only exists as a way to perpetuate the division between people to the political system’s sole benefit.

The way to solutions is to listen and engage. Alienation and segregation has never lead to any beneficial result.  Don’t put up the fences find a way to bridge your differences.

That is all for now. I would be glad to hear your thoughts and more importantly I would like to know what sayings you want to be famous for.  In closing I can only ask one thing “are you the train or the track?”


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